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About F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna

F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna is troll-caught along Pacific Northwest ocean waters, particularly off the Oregon Coast.  My name is Dave Stevenson, owner and skipper of the F/V Sonja for over 25 years.  A native Oregonian and lifelong commercial fisherman, I take great pride and care of every tuna I catch.  My wife and I make our home in Astoria, Oregon.  

What is Albacore Tuna?  |  Fishing Methods  | Canning Methods  |  Fresh Frozen Tuna

What is Albacore Tuna?

Albacore is the all "white" tuna.  It is more delicately flavored and lighter in color than tuna labeled as "light."  Albacore are plentiful in waters off Oregon in the summer and fall. The population is strong and healthy.  Albacore tuna is highest in Omega 3 fatty acids of most all fish. It also does not have the high levels of mercury found in bigger, older fish used primarily by the major large canners.

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The F/V SonjaF/V Sonja's Fishing Methods

Every F/V Sonja tuna is caught in Pacific Northwest ocean waters using the troll-caught (hook and line) method.  Once caught, fish are "bled" and frozen immediately after landing to preserve quality. 

"Troll-caught" tuna refers to 3-to-5 year old albacore harvested by "trolling" jigs behind a slow-moving boat.  No nets are used, and only surface-feeding fish from abundant stocks are targeted.  This is an environmentally responsible fishing technique that is dolphin-free, dolphin-safe and results in little or no bycatch.  Younger, troll-caught albacore have more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than older, larger albacore.  They also have very low mercury levels - averaging far below the EPA limit of 1 part per million.  Click here for mercury analysis information about F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna.

The "bleeding" process produces a delicate, lighter-colored flesh and milder flavored taste.  

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Our Canning Methods

During canning, we add only a small amount of water, and all natural juices are retained.  Each can is also cooked only once, retaining the high concentrations of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.  The result is a moist, tasty and nutritiously canned product.  F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna is truly a natural health food from the sea, rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein and minerals.

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Fresh Frozen Tuna

Fresh frozen Albacore Tuna is available locally July through October. At this time fresh F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna is not available for shipment.  Fresh tuna has a firm when cooked texture and mild flavor, lending itself to a variety of cooking methods.  Albacore tuna is ideal for grilling, barbecuing, sauteing, baking or poaching. 

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F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna

~ Fresh ~
~ All White Tuna ~
~ Troll-caught ~
~ Heart-Healthy ~
~ Rich in Omega-3 ~
~ Low in Mercury ~
~ Dolphin-Safe ~
~ Environmentally Friendly ~
~ Cooked Only Once, thereby retaining natural juices ~
~ Moist, nutritious and delicious ~

F/V Sonja Albacore Tuna
Dave Stevenson, Skipper
37197 Towhee Drive  |  Astoria, OR  97103  |  Phone:  503.325.2500